Alternative Vegan – Healthy Plant-Based recipes that break the Rules!

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It's Finally Here! 

I am over the moon to finally share with you my very first cookbook! It’s been a year in the making and I can’t wait for it to be in your hands, ready to start cooking from! This book is entirely for you!


About Alternative Vegan:

First of all, this is a cookbook for every kind of eater. 

Before I wrote this book, the most common things I’d hear from friends and family sounded a lot like this - “You know I could never go strictly vegan, but I still want to eat healthy”. That was the entire goal behind this cookbook. I wanted to create a book that makes plant-based cooking more appealing and modern, by adding two sections dedicated to incorporating seafood and eggs whenever you’d like. It has over 75 all new recipes, most of which are plant-based, this book gives you the wiggle room to stick to a healthy lifestyle long term.

I really wanted to create a book that dispenses food banishment and limitations, and instead puts you in the driver’s seat on your own journey to food that is both nourishing and bursting with flavor.

The book begins with Three Hero Meals that break down the anatomy of my favorite staples: Smoothies, Energy Balls, and Buddha Bowls. Then comes all the delicious recipes and ingredients that span the globe: curries, falafels, cakes, rolls, and even bento boxes! There’s truly something for everyone here! 

Happy cooking friends and thank you for your endless love and support! I couldn’t have done this without you!

ps: many events to come! 

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