Advice: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy over the Holidays

5 simple tips for enjoying the holidays, stress-free with delicious foods that will keep you satisfied and full! Share the snacks with your family during your travels and I'm sure you'll have a few people asking for more next year!


Whenever a holiday approaches we have a joke in our family, “Here comes an extra 3 pounds from a weekend at mama’s house”. Let me preface this by saying my grandma is a serious cook – a great one at that. But I know many of us would like to find the balance between a delicious and satisfying holiday meal and one that verges on a food coma.  With that, these are a few easy tips that I’ve learned along the way that always help me stay healthy during the holidays. Ones that will keep you relaxed and ready to fully enjoy every moment with your family.

Plan Your Breakfast

My first trick that I started doing when I got into healthy eating is planning my breakfasts even when I’m not at home. During the holidays there is a good chance that you’ll be staying overnight at a friends or families. I find breakfast to be a great starting off point for the whole day. Enjoying a big bowl of creamy oatmeal with fruit right in the morning fuels me to continue eating healthier during the rest of the day. Plan ahead by making your own ‘to-go oatmeal’ packages. In a zip-lock bag I add dry oats (that I’ve measured), a handful of currants and a banana. Keeping it simple I’ll make my creamy porridge that doesn’t include multiple spices or any berries that could potentially get crushed during my travels. Come breakfast, I just roll out of bed and cook my oatmeal, enjoying a relaxing morning with a meal I really love.


Bring Water + Chia Seeds

My second tip is to always have water with you. A few years back a friend mentioned that when you feel hungry often it’s a sign that you’re actually thirsty. During the holidays we become so busy, driving, planning, preparing and talking that we forget to even take a sip of water. I love to carry a glass water bottle with me everyday, throwing in a few tablespoons of chia seeds. If you don’t like water you could get fancy and swap for coconut water or even a squeeze of lemon (plus the chia seeds). This is a quick trick that will help keep you full since chia seeds are high in filling fiber and expand 12 times their weight once submerged in water. 

Offer to Bring Snacks

If you’re going to a brunch or a party over Easter offer to bring food to the party. Not only do you seem extremely generous but you also control what type of food you want to enjoy, a win-win! If you’re exhausted from over indulging during the weekend bring a plate of my fresh spring rolls – they are the perfect light meal.  Hummus is always a great option as many people love hummus dips and it’s a very satiating snack. Seeking something a bit sweeter? Try the raw brownies – they are always a hit, even amongst the pickiest eaters!


 Pack Snacks 

This is a trick that I’ve adopted for years and it works every time. Whenever we leave the city for a long drive up north to visit family, I always make sure to pack a variety of treats. It’s extremely tempting to pull over to a gas station and buy random snacks when a sudden sugar craving comes rushing in. This is why I love making my raw nutella balls and apricot bars the night before. Both recipes make a bunch, making it a great snack to share with friends and family during long travels. These snacks, along with chia-seed-coconut-water, will keep you full until you reach your destination. I swear it works every time.


My last piece of advice is to simply be in the moment, be mindful of the beauty of your family and friends that surround you during the holidays. Find time to laugh hand, play games, take morning walks together and indulge in conversations sparked by curiosity. Simply put, do things that nourish your mind and body, things that help you unwind all weekend long. Have a happy Easter!


I hope you enjoy these simple tips and for staying healthy over the holidays! I bet your family and friends will be happy to try your delicious and healthy snacks during your visit! I'd venture to say bring a few extras. Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones :)

xx Marie