My cookbooks are available now! 

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Alternative Vegan

Packed with 75 vibrant and healthy recipes, Alternative Vegan, is your go-to cookbook that makes plant-based cooking more appealing and modern, by adding two sections dedicated to incorporating seafood and eggs whenever you’d like. This book gives you the wiggle room to stick to a healthy lifestyle long term.

The book begins with Three Hero Meals that break down the anatomy of my favorite staples: Smoothies, Energy Balls, and Buddha Bowls. Then comes all the delicious recipes and ingredients that span the globe: curries, falafels, cakes, rolls, and even bento boxes! There’s truly something for everyone here!


The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

A collection of over 600 plant-based recipes! It’s essentially the plant-based bible of cooking - everything you’ve ever needed to know about cooking vegetables is in here for your burning desire. I’ve contributed 100 nutritious and delicious recipes to this cookbook. I hope you enjoy it as much as my first!