tasting the World through Travel

A space to share stories, pictures and inside tips of local eateries through culinary explorations from across the globe!  Travel Guides made by locals and travel enthusiasts (like yourself!) with an appetite to experience a culture through its kitchen. 


I would love to feature one of your favorite places you've explored or the city you live in! All you have to do is send me in an email (via my contact page) 4-6 high-quality pictures of the destination you'd like to share, answers to the same 6 questions within the guides below, and that's it!

Can't wait to share more Foreign Kitchen inspiration with you on Wednesdays! Till then, enjoy exploring the world through the Travel Guides below...

     Foreign Kitchens: Maui, Hawaii                              Foreign Kitchens: Dubrovnik, Croatia 

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 Foreign KitchensFlorence, Italy                                     Foreign Kitchens: Sydney, Australia

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Foreign KitchensTulum, Mexico                                     Foreign KitchensSingapore

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Foreign KitchensWashington, DC

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