About My Work

Marie Reginato is a two-time cookbook author, cooking video host, chef and wellness expert named MindBodyGreen’s ‘Best New Health Food Account’.

With a refreshing approach to healthy cooking, Marie has grown her social media presence to over 70,000 sharing her daily cooking expertise through droll worthy food photography and cooking videos.

Based in Los Angeles, Marie and her in-house videography team, lead by Julia Ensign, create high-quality cooking videos for health brands. From wellness lifestyle videos created for Vitamix and MindBodyGreen, to intimate cooking videos for Siggi’s, Blue Diamond and many more.

Combining her love for connecting through cooking, Marie has hosted sought after hands on demo experiences across the country with leading wellness brand Well+Good.

With her signature energetic charisma, she brings a lightness to her cooking demos by creating a fun environment sharing health tips and tricks - empowering all to start cooking delicious meals back in their own very kitchen.


About Me

Years ago, I left the urban streets of San Francisco, to study Agricultural Business in University. I learned all I could about food, nutrition, bee keeping (yup, that was an actual class), and everything in-between (literally, even a soil science class). I left once more to study in Florence, Italy and then everything changed. I picked up a pan, fruity olive oil and learned how to cook seasonally by an Italian family. And can you guess what we made? Pasta! A vibrant basil enrobed pasta sauce with a mountain of veggies and seafood. It was glorious. Comfort food done right.

When I returned home, I bought a camera, took classes in nutrition and taught myself how to cook healthy meals. Fast forward a few years and I am now a 2x cookbook author, editorial food photographer/stylist and cooking video host -- specializing in recipes that are always rooted in health. Most recipes celebrate fresh veggies, fresh seafood (I’m a butcher's daughter - Hi, Dad!), and a whole lot of dark, dark chocolate.

Everything I do here is for you -- these recipes, this space are always for you. I hope you love the recipes from my cookbooks and blog!

xx Marie