Simple Mulled Cider (Written from Italy)

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During the holiday season I walked into a local market and was greeted by an intoxicating aroma of mulled spices and apples that completely stopped me in my track.  I looked over my shoulder and there in its welcoming grace stood a pot of delicious warm apple cider – absolutely free.  The store was selling premade packages and after I read the label I was enticed to remake the traditional mulled cider into its simplest form, utilizing ingredients that are readily available in your cupboards.  I know you will love this Simple Mulled Cider not only for the enveloping aroma that transcends as you are warming it on the stove but because of how relaxing it makes you feel afterwards.  I love the idea of prolonging the holiday feeling and this simple cider allows me to bask in a few more moments reminiscent of the holiday season. 

As I know many of you are becoming healthier after the New Year, I wanted this recipe to reflect that, making this transition a little easier by not requiring a host of ingredients to make a simple cider.  I want you to see and enjoy how easy it can be to recreate simple foods and make them healthy without having to order obscure ingredients off Amazon.  The best way I find myself enjoying this lifestyle is by buying fruits and vegetables that are in season.  I know I have stressed this in previous posts but its also so fun to just roam farmers markets and choose foods that you know will cost less and burst with flavor – all because of the beauty of buying in season.  It really can’t get much better than that! 

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I love this mulled cider as it only uses the rind of fragrant oranges and lemons, a little fresh ginger for spice and warming cinnamon.  The fresh apple juice stews in this aromatic combination of spices and sweet fruit to make a truly decadent drink.  I love making this when friends come over as it doubles as a delicious warming nightcap or as a relaxing drink to start a tranquil weekend. 

The other beautiful thing about this cider is how nourishing it is because you are only drinking fresh apple juice.  For a little nutritional information on apples, check out my pantry page where I write about how to use, enjoy and reap the benefits of certain fruits, especially apples!  

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Serves: 2

Prep Time: 3 minutes | Cook Time: 7 minutes

Ingredients for the Simple Mulled Cider:

- 2 cups fresh apple juice

- ½ of an orange rind

- ½ of a lemon rind

- ½ thumb of fresh ginger

- 4 cloves

-2 cinnamon sticks



Start by slicing the thumb of ginger into thin pieces, discarding the skin.  Then simply place all the ingredients into a saucepan and warm on low heat for about 7-10 minutes, allowing all the spices to blend together with the apple juice.  Now strain all the ingredients out of the warmed apple cider and enjoy!

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I hope you enjoy this mulled cider as much as I have and please feel free to comment and share which spices you use in drinks and which drinks you love during the holidays!  It’s never too late to bring back the holiday festivities with a little traditional mulled cider.

xx Marie