Foreign Kitchens: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Happy Wednesday! I have a special escape for you today as its from the woman who taught me everything about traveling, the one who sparked my endless curiosity for new cultures and foods, and the woman that encourages me to travel more than I really should (thank you!) and that woman is my mom, Cindy!

Last summer we took a family trip to visit my cousin who was studying abroad in Sweden/Poland. Somehow my sister and I convinced our whole family to join (cousins, grandparents and aunt/uncle included) and explore part of that trip in Croatia - a place not one of us had been before! Hopefully these photos and short Travel Guide will provide a glimpse into the beauty that is Dubrovnik and pique your interest for Croatia. Its a gem :)

PS: If you'd like to join and feature one of your favorite places or the city you live in, the instructions are at the bottom of the post under 'How to Join'. Would love to feature you!

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ESCAPE TO: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Name: Cindy R.

From: San Francisco, CA


Favorite Neighborhood: Old Town – If you can, stay within the old walled city.  No cars, lots of walking and beautiful polished stone on the main street, Put Placa.  It gets even better at night after the cruise ships are gone.

Favorite Local Hangout: Buza (picture below).  This is a great little bar hanging on the edge of the wall looking over the sea.  The drinks come in a bottle with screw caps but the location doesn’t get any better.

Best Eatery: Any outdoor restaurant or café.  The people watching is fantastic and the local food is always fresh.

Don’t Miss: Checking out the sites where Game of Thrones is filmed.  After visiting Dubrovnik I had to start watching the series.  Finally caught up on 5 seasons and love seeing the scenes filmed in “King’s Landing”.

Hidden Gem: The wonderful side streets.  Wander around and discover beautiful passageways, stairs and small gardens.  The walled city is small and you can’t really get lost.

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I hope you guys love this section as much as I do! I couldn't recommend going to Croatia more! Such a nice departure from a traditional European getaway. 


I would love to feature one of your favorite places you've visited or the city you live in - I'm always looking for new inspiration too :) All you have to do is send me (via email on my contact page) 3-5 high-quality pictures of the destination you'd like to share, answers to these same questions and thats it!

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