Christmas Dinner: 4 Desserts

A roundup of 4 delicious Christmas Dessert recipes with everything from Banana Cream Pie, Gooey Brownies, and a Fruit Crumble, inspiring your Christmas gatherings.

Recipe: Beetroot Brownies with Chocolate Glaze and Toasted Pecans

*Soft and decadent traditional brownies reimagined with layers of chocolate and cooked beets to create a moist center. A new brownie recipe that is healthy and nourishing.   

Forgot the desserts? This is a phrase that has never ever graced my presence. I have a special place in my life for sweets. Quite the obsession when the local cookie spot remembers your name after you haven’t been in months, when your family knows to hid the chocolate when you’re over or, in contrast, kindly has See’s Candy waiting for you as you walk through the door. But for those of you who prefer the saltier things in life, this is in fact a guide for you. And for those of you who have been waiting all year for Christmas treats to finally make its mark, this is also for you. Because I’ve now realized, this guide is actually a reminder that hey, you know that holiday that you think feels like a month away, well actually its in 14 days…And there is no way I’m going to a Christmas party at my families house empty handed. Because like mother, like daughter, like cousin - as in we demolish sweets and have no mercy for when any show up to the table. It is indeed a terrifying scene, a free-for-all. And you betcha we have multiple photos of this affair. 

So for the desserts, enjoy the simplicity of a honey nut cluster, gooey brownies or try your hand at a raw banana cream pie. These are 4 great contenders, a few for the sweet fans out there and a few for the salty tooth. 


Ps: For my roundup of the Christmas Dinner: 5 mains recipes, click here to explore.


Recipe: Banana Cream Pie

*An untraditional dessert that is creamy and decadent.

Recipe: Pear and Nectarine Crumble

*A crispy crumble that is absolutely delicious. A warming and spicy dessert - the perfect end to a Christmas feast.

Recipe: Simple Honey Nut Clusters

*A quick dessert only taking 5 minutes and perfect for a light nibble or a less sweet treat over the holiday festivities.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini-christmas series! You can find the first roundup of Christmas Dinner inspiration right here. I have one more sweet recipe to share on Monday - Gingerbread men! I already have a new batch ready for the weekend and will be making them many, many more times before Christmas. Perhaps even wrapping them up for little foodie gifts :)

Enjoy you guys and be sure to tag 8thandlake on Instagram so I can see how you make your creations! #8thandlake.

Lots of love from SF,

xx Marie