Oatmeal 3 Ways

Remove the stale stigma of oatmeal and rework it 3 ways - deliciously stewed with fruit and spices, soaked and chilled as Bircher Muesli or baked in the oven spilling over with sweet fruit juices! 

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Ah oatmeal, the bland, mushy slop that was force-fed to us as a kid. Disregard every kind you’ve had in your youth because oatmeal is undoubtedly one of the most versatile, nourishing and delicious grains. Treat oatmeal as a blank canvas, coloring it with your imagination. Camouflage it beneath stewed dates, coconut milk, and fruits; bake off in the oven or soak it in nut milk. Oatmeal is one versatile ingredient and because of its adaptability I rotate these oatmeal recipes daily. 

Traditional Oatmeal

When I first started eating healthy I played around with many types of oatmeal recipes, trying to find the one that I could cling to. Well it never happened. Oatmeal is too good and too vast to stick to one recipe. What did remain consistent was the base - rolled oats, warmed in a pot of fresh nut milk, sliced ripe bananas and a dash of cinnamon. This base enhances the flavor of any oatmeal to come. During the winter I gravitate more towards the Spiced Oatmeal as it utilizing warming spices from turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. To give off a more tropical feel in the summer months, I love stewing oats in bath of coconut milk and fresh blueberries (Colorful Coconut Oatmeal recipe here). This recipe truly changes the notion of oatmeal - unbelievably creamy, rich and will convert any scorned eater.

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Bircher Muesli

This style of oatmeal is far from traditional. Served cold and soaked overnight, Bircher Muesli is perfect for the warmer months and for anyone suffering from digestive problems. Allowing the oats to soak overnight (or for a few hours) helps them to break down, making it easier to absorb. It’s a wonderful breakfast for non-morning goers. Take 5 minutes the night before and prepare by smashing fruit into the oats and nut milk, and then grab as you walk out the door! Recipe here.

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Baked Oatmeal

This recipe. THIS is my clutch. This is what I want and wait for each week. Baked oatmeal is unlike anything else. Bleeding with berry juices that mimics a sweet dessert, this recipe is equally as nourishing as it is tasteful. The simple addition of baking the oats with nuts and fruits creates an utterly euphoric breakfast. Not only does the taste and aroma of bubbling fruits seize your thoughts, its also the perfect prepared meal. On Sunday nights I will bake off this oatmeal and separate it into 5 portions and pack it away in an airtight container. Come morning, you have breakfast ready for the go and can enjoy the morning hassle free. Two recipes here & here.

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I hope you enjoy these recipes and find yourself exploring each one, making it your own. Feel free to swap any nut milk, nuts or fruits in either recipe to your liking. Hopefully these recipes can guide you to see that oats and other grains have more than just one use but many if you find a little time to experiment. Enjoy!

xx Marie