Mix It Up | May 2016 - Playlist

A new monthly series dedicated to sharing great music, fueling your workouts and making the most of them! Soundtracks that will inspire you to keep moving and to explore new types of movement monthly. 

Happy Friday you guys! I’m starting off the first Friday of every month with a new series - Mix it up -  dedicated to sharing some of my favorite music for working out! When I mentioned on Instagram a few months back that my goal for 2016 was focused around movement, I got a lot of requests to share with you what type of workouts I do and for some energizing music to go along with it.

 I’m definitely someone who needs great music to stay motivated during a workout session. But I also like to switch up my fitness routine monthly so that I can work out new muscles and not get bored with any one workout. So within this new series I’ll be sharing a new type of movement for the month that I’d like to focus on. But nothing too crazy – instead of running, maybe switching it up to hiking. Just another way to remind myself to get out there, outside my comfort zone, and encourage myself to try something new. This month I'm going to focus on swimming. I'm going to move away from only strength training and get back into the pool 2 times a week to work on cardio. 

I hope this series inspires you to seek new movement and to fuel your workouts, making the most of them!

Your Turn!

What is your favorite kind of workout? And what are your favorite songs of the moment? My favorite on the playlist is definitely Gold by Kiiara.

Let me know if you like this series and what types of music you’d like to see on the playlist! I love hearing from you so comment below so that I can make the playlists better each time!

And remember to tag me on Instagram - #8thandlake - so I can see your photos! You can also find me on Snapchat with more photos and clips of my everyday life and workout routines - username - marie8thandlake

Lots of love from the West Coast, 

xx Marie