Mix It Up | June 2016 - Playlist

A new monthly series dedicated to sharing great music, fueling your workouts and making the most of them! Soundtracks that will inspire you to keep moving and to explore new types of movement monthly. 

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Happy Friday! This is actually a special one for me as it's also my birthday! So I'm popping in here quickly to give you guys a new June playlist right in time for summer! This playlist is kind of a mix between what I've been listening to over and over again (Goodbye by Feder - something about that beat!) and a few from my sister's bachelorette party over the weekend (Wake Me Up by Avicii).

And since this series is all about mixing up workouts each month, this time I'm going to focus on hiking. I'll be on vacation for most of June and walking/hiking will be my main source of movement since it's how I'll be getting around town. So what about you guys? Would love to know what you were up to last month and what you're planning for this month! I'm a creature of habit when it comes to workouts so changing it up monthly has made working out way more fun and sustainable, and a new playlist gets me excited every single time. 

Hope this playlists keeps you energized through whatever movement you have planned for the day!

And you can check out May's Playlist here.

Let me know if you like this series and what types of music you’d like to see on the playlist! I love hearing from you so comment below so that I can make the playlists better each time!

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Lots of love from the West Coast, 

xx Marie