Papaya and Cream Summer Parfait

Papaya and Cream Parfait is a delicious three layer vegan breakfast or snack! First there is yogurt, then papaya yogurt, and lastly a papaya smoothie on top with granola. Make it ahead of time for an easy breakfast. 

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Hi from London!

I wanted to quickly pop by to share with you a special collaboration with one of my favorite wellness sites, The Chalkboard Mag! They've been one of my main sources for wellness and healthy recipes for years now so it was a great pleasure to create this recipe for their site and for you to enjoy - Papaya Summer Parfait! It's a three layer parfait - first layer is yogurt, followed by a papaya yogurt, and then topped with a papaya smoothie and granola. It's a good one. I mean a really, great one. As in, you should really head over to their site now for the full recipe :)

I'll be thinking of this one until I'm back from Europe. And if you'd like to see more of London you can follow me on snapchat - username - marie8thandlake

Enjoy the recipe on the Chalkboard Mag, here!

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Are you guys into parfaits? I love the simplicity of them. They're a nice option for when you're pressed for time, as you just make them the night before. Then you have an extremely delicious breakfast waiting for you in the a.m.

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Lots of love from the west coast,

xx Marie