Food Hack: 3 Breakfast Smoothie Tips

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Hey guys! I’m in Amsterdam at the moment and wanted to pop in to share with you a few of my favorite breakfast smoothie tips – which I’ve been craving!

Most mornings I’ll pull for a pre-made chia pudding, a pre-made birtcher museli or I’ll make a smoothie on the fly. Even though smoothies are as simple as breakfast comes, you can be even more prepared come morning with these three tips...

No. 1

Have a few ‘pre-packaged’ smoothie bags waiting for you to dump and blend. Do I want strawberry or blueberry? Having the baggies already handy allows you to make even less decisions come morning. I also like making prepacks of varying smoothie flavors because it keeps things interesting! This way I’m not stuck eating only strawberry smoothies all week long.

To fill the baggies just add 1 banana (or half) and any frozen fruit you’d like! Store in the freezer and you’re ready to blend - with a little almond milk to get it going.

No. 2

Make your smoothie the night before and store in the freezer. I initially gave this trick to my sister who wanted a quicker breakfast smoothie for the workweek. It’s the same concept as a chia pudding or bircher muesli – just make the smoothie the night before and put it in the glass you’ll drink from. Obviously come morning the smoothie will be frozen - so right when you wake up, pull it out of the freezer and place it on your counter top to thaw off as you’re getting ready for work. But make sure you do not add chia seeds to this tip. The chia seeds will expand and make the smoothie very clumpy. 

No. 3

Add a plant protein and spinach to your smoothie. Since this is a breakfast smoothie, add some greens! I love adding spinach as it has a very neutral flavor - you can’t taste it in your smoothie at all. I also always add a plant protein of some sort. I’m a fan of the brand, Ora. They have a delicious plant protein that turns any smoothie into a meal. This is especially important if you worked-out beforehand and the smoothie is your meal.


And there you have it – a few quick ways to save your sanity come morning. Now you have fuss-free breakfast smoothies waiting for you all week long!

Smoothie Recipes

And if you're in the mood for a breakfast smoothie, try a few of these recipes below. 

My favorite is the mint smoothie:

- Green Vanilla Protein Smoothie

 - Vanilla and Cashew Protein Smoothie

Strawberry And Mint Smoothie With Sweet Beets

Easy Strawberry, Peach And Maca Smoothie Bowl

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How do you prepare for your morning breakfasts? Do you have a ritual?

And if you give these tips a try let me know how it goes! Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Your notes always help me improve the recipes and articles for you. I appreciate hearing what you guys would like to see more of - more recipes, lifestyle posts, photography advice - shoot me a message so I can get started!


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Lots of love from the west coast,

xx Marie