Summer Pineapple and Cucumber Juice

Summer Pineapple and Cucumber Juice is a refreshing green juice for any warm afternoon. Add more ginger for a spicier version or keep it sweet with a more pineapple. 

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Back from Boston with a purse full of post-it notes with recipes jotted down that I'd like to make and a heavy head due to, yes you guessed it - jet lag. The recipes that are burning through my mind might have to take a backseat till this jet lag ceases. They'll be a combination of recipes that I've been wanting to make since I got back from Europe (traditional paella, a Spanish hummus, and a tapas feast) and a few from Boston (best chia pudding breakfast/recipe!). 

But in the meantime, I'm having glass after glass of green juice. It's curbing the headache and lending a natural boost in energy that is much needed when 7:00pm rolls around. In all candor, I'm partial to this green juice than any on the blog - it's fruity, with notes of the tropics from the pineapple, yet spicy from the fresh ginger. Take it with a punch from more ginger, or sweet as I do with a little more pineapple - a juice that will get you up in the morning more so than a coffee ever would...maybe.

xx Marie

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Serves: 3-4 cups

Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 0 minutes

Ingredients for the Summer Pineapple and Cucumber Juice:

- 2 medium sized cucumbers

- fruit of 1/2 of a pineapple (remove the middle pit and the outside skin)

- 5 celery sticks

- 1 inch nob of fresh ginger


Simply add all the ingredients into your juicer and then store the juice in an airtight container. Keep it in the fridge for about 3-4 days. Also, if you’d like your juice a little more sweet just add more pineapple, and if you’d like it spicier add more ginger. Enjoy!

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Have you guys made a fresh juice this summer? I haven't used my juicer in months! I'm talking about 9 months so it feels good to finally dust it off and make this super refreshing green juice. I hope you guys love this one!

And if you give this recipe a try let me know how it goes! Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Your notes always help me improve the recipes and articles for you. I appreciate hearing what you guys would like to see more of - more recipes, lifestyle posts, photography advice - shoot me a message so I can get started!

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Lots of love from the west coast,

xx Marie