Foreign Kitchens: Washington, DC

A piece from my trip last month to Washington, DC.

A city to wander, take in the historic sights, and then find a spot to stop and feast - conversing with locals on the eclectic eateries that fill each unique neighborhood, all while eavesdropping on the political spout that echoes the city streets.

Enjoy DC...

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Lunch at Zorba's Cafe

Lunch at Zorba's Cafe

Tasting Through: Washington, DC

Name: Marie R.

From: San Francisco, CA

Travelers Insight:

1.) Sight, sounds and taste of the local markets?

On a rainy Sunday, the day before I left DC, I made it just in time to pop into Union Market. A bustling food hall, packed with locals and travelers all there for the same reason – to taste their way through some of DC’s most notable eateries. A place where artisanal bread makers mingle with single origin coffee baristas, while local seafood shops swap lobster rolls for slices of creamy gouda from the neighboring cheese monger. A spot to wander, gather and then feast outside, conversing with other foodies on the eclectic range of eateries that caught their appetite.

 2.) Ingredients you can't find anywhere else?

Lobster Rolls. Common on the East Coast but coming from California I had always dreamt of tasting a sandwich stuffed with lobster. And then it happened at Luke’s Lobster in Georgetown. Plump chunks of creamy lobster spilling over the top of a perfectly crisp bread roll made for a quintessential East Coast experience.

 3.) Eateries that do it right?

Filter Coffee - I nearly made a ritual out of this spot every morning. A block off the busy Du Pont Circle, this quaint artisanal café felt like a haven away from the 80F heat. Tucked into the bottom level of a brownstone with seating indoor and outdoor, Filter is a spot that feels much like a mini-escape, a place to take refuge from big city life.

Ching Ching Cha – Without a doubt my favorite spot in DC. Located in charming Georgetown, this quiet teashop also hosts lunch. Might look like a typical Asian restaurant from the outside, but once inside, the space opens to an airy sunlit room with walls dedicated to rare teas, and beautiful wood table-scapes often occupied by students studying while having lunch. Poached miso salmon with a side of steamed kale and squash, and finished off with coconut tarts made for a truly memorable meal, rivaling those I had in Singapore.

Toki Underground – I won’t say much about Toki Underground, aside from that it would be irresponsible if you did not make a visit here. A ramen house to beat all ramen houses. Cramped, trendy and with walls littered in graffiti, it’s still worth the 45-minute wait.

4.) Divy hangout?

Anywhere on 8th Street. Eerily similar to the Mission District in San Francisco, where buzzy dive bars are the center of the neighborhood, while trendy bars pop up in-between. A contrast of all sorts where young buddying politicians, grad students and workers on the ‘hill’ bump shoulders, clamoring to get a drink and take the edge off a long day. An interesting place to eavesdrop and pickup on ‘classified’ political spout, as that seems to be the tired talk of the city that carries through to the night.

5.) What brought you here?

A much needed vacation and a chance to see a part of the East Coast I had never experienced.

6.) A moment to capture?

Spontaneously hopping on the back of a motorcycle after dinner, riding around the National Mall and pulling over to see the Lincoln Memorial at night. A calmer experience than a day visit with a backdrop that is utterly majestic. A sight often viewed on the credits of House of Cards but one that does not make an impression until you’re there, in the middle of it - to my left a colossal Lincoln and to my right, DC’s cityscape twinkling bright enough to see Capitol Hill staring right back at you in the near distance. 

Soup at Ching Ching Cha

Soup at Ching Ching Cha

Coconut Tart after the tea ceremony at Ching Ching Cha

Coconut Tart after the tea ceremony at Ching Ching Cha

Poached Miso Salmon with Veggies at Ching Ching Cha

Poached Miso Salmon with Veggies at Ching Ching Cha

View from Georgetown 

View from Georgetown 

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